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  • Why is my soda flat?
    Check that the CO2 is full and the valves are open. The easiest way to check is the content gauge of your pop system. It should read above empty. For cylinders do not judge if a tank is full by the weight. An empty tank can weigh as much or more than an empty tank. Ensure that there is lots of ice on the cold plate. If you can see the bottom of the ice well or the cold plate, there is not enough ice. Add more ice. As a general rule there should be at least 6 inches of ice on the cold plate. Make sure the carbonator is plugged in and that it has cycled at least one time. There is always a chance that the syrup to water ratio could be off or there is irregular water pressure. If the above solutions do not resolve your problem contact our service team's 24/7 support.
  • Why is only water or soda water coming out?
    Check that there is syrup in the product line and that the product box is not empty Make sure that you have a full CO2 connected and that the valves are open.
  • Why is air coming out of all my sodas?
    When you pour only soda water is only air coming out? Find the carbonator that is associated to that dispenser. It could be located near the dispenser or where the syrups are stored. Check that the carbonator is plugged in and that the outlet works. Double check that the plug is not on a GFCI. If it is a GFCI check to see if the breaker has turned off. If the unit is plugged in and outlet is working the unit needs service. Please contact our service team and we will dispatch a technician.
  • Why is my pump making noise or firing?
    Check the syrups ensure that there is product and that the connection is on correctly. It's a good idea to check all the connectors and makes sure the are all connected. If there is product disconnect the air supply line and call our Service Team. This will allow you to still use all the flavours with the exception of the broken pump flavour. Our service team can help you disconnect the pump if you have any issues. It is important to disconnect the pump as it could vent and drain your co2 supply.
  • Why is there no water coming out of my dispenser or only syrups?
    Check the water supply and make sure it has not been turned off. Ensure that only ice from an ice maker has been put on the cold plate. Frozen ice from a freezer or dry ice is too cold and will freeze the water and soda water in the cold plate. Gently pour warm water on the cold plate to defrost the ice.
  • Why does my beverages taste off?
    Check to make sure the CO2 is full and that there is full product connected Check to make sure there is ice on the cold plate If the CO2 has recently gone empty, you may need to cycle the carbonator by pouring soda water for 30 - 60 seconds Remove the dispensing nozzle and ensure that they are clean and free of any debris If you are still having issues please contact our service team
  • Why is my beer foamy?
    Is the beer too warm? It should be between 34 - 38 F Are the faucets open all the way when pouring Check that the regulator for the keg is at the appropriate pressure. Most should be between 12-14 psi Have you recently cleaned your beer lines
  • Why is my beer flat?
    Is the beer too Cold? The temperature should be between 34-38 F Does the beer have "head"? No - Check that the co2 regulators are set correctly Yes - Your glassware may be dirty and need a better cleaning
  • Why does my beer taste funny?
    Is there a butterscotch or creamed corn flavour? This is from DMS - diacetyl. The Keg of beer is bad. Is there a metallic taste? There could be some cleaning solution left in the lines. Pout a few glasses to remove any cleaner that could have been left over from cleaning the lines Does it taste stale or have a wet cardboard aroma? Check to see if the beer has expired.
  • Why is my beer hazy or cloudy?
    Check to make sure the beer is not too cold. Check the refrigerator and power pack temperature are set between 28-32 F Ensure you are fully opening the faucets in one motion Co2 Regulator could be set to the wrong pressure. Call our 24/7 Service team to get a tech on site.
  • How do I access my account online?
    Your account will be setup with the same email that receives invoices and statements from Trevi Fountain Services. Please use this email to login to you account. If you are unable to login to your account please contact us.
  • Can I pay an invoice online?
    Yes! There are 2 options to pay invoices. You can make a single payment of any amount on our customer page with a credit card. Login to your customer portal account and you can pay one or multiple invoices. Click here to login to our customer portal.
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