We deliver our products throughout North America and the Caribbean. 

Route Delivery

In certain areas we provide route delivery and product rotation to help you better mange your inventory and cost. Contact Us to find out more.

Fountain and Juice
Bar Gun Dispensers: 8 button, 12 button, 14 button
Counter Top Electric: 6 valve, 8 valve
Drop In: 6 valve, 8 valve
IceBev Combo: 6 valve,8 valve


To insure you can always provide your customers with refreshing beverages, we provide 24/7 services on all beverage equipment. 

To help you serve our product, we provide exceptional service.  Listed below are the services we provide.



Counter Top Slush: 2 flavour, Auto fill

Ice Shaver: Counter Top

Blenders:  Standard, Quiet


Increase customer satisfaction by using dependable and quality equipment.  Trevi Fountain Services offers a wide range of dispensers to fit your needs.  Listed below is some of the equipment we provide.

We also supply Portable bar solutions.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer preventative maintenance programs to ensure you are always providing your customers with the highest quality of beverages while ensure the lowest down time.  We offer a wide range of preventative maintenance services that are customized to your needs.

Contact Us so that we can create the right PM schedule for your needs.

Dispenser Care and Maintenance

Simple, basic activities can greatly impact sales and success of your beverage program. Listed below are resources that can help you increase your sales and success: